Fuzing Fundamental Technologies
by Alyssa Teasley

Fuzur, The “BLT” of Real Estate

Wouldn’t it be annoying if everytime you wanted to eat a good BLT sandwich you had to pick up the bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes and take a bite of each one separately? Not only would this be far less enjoyable than eating the whole sandwich together, it would also waste much more time.

Unfortunately, that is how much of the software used in real estate works today. You have to use one software for property management, another for creating forms, perhaps even another for e-signatures, and another for accounting. Each of these separate softwares may be good in the same way bacon, lettuce and tomatoes are good separately, but together they could be so much better and so much more efficient. Fortunately, Fuzur is the bread that has pulled all of these different software types together.

Fuzur is the closest thing in real estate to a complete real estate system. Fuzur provides SignaShare, RealtyAPX, and ACCTFusion. With SignaShare you are able to create, store, fill and sign documents. RealtyAPX provides property management from the beginning to the end of a transaction. AcctFusion is the only complete double entry SaaS accounting system in the industry. All three of these tools are together on the same platform and are synced to save your time and energy.

Eating the bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes of a BLT separately sounds a little bit ridiculous right? So why would you do the same thing in real estate?

  • ClientAlyssa Teasley
  • Date22 September 2017
  • CategoriesEMC, eSignatures, Forms, Transactions