Beyond Document Management
by Alyssa Teasley

Fuzur’s SignaShare, CIO Magazine’s “Best New Content Management System”

Gone are the days of over stuffed filing cabinets and teetering piles of papers and files stacked on desk corners. With the rapid progress in technology, Fuzur is taking it to the next level with Enterprise Content Management. Agents can now find available to them online “document management.” One would think that with all the progresses in technology that document management would have simplified lives. However, with many systems document management can still be tedious and seem to be more hassle than it is worth. Fortunately for real estate, Fuzur, has tackled this issue head on and has created the solution to all of your document worries with the creation of SignaShare, a transformative document management system.

In May of 2017 CIO Magazine named SignaShare “The Best New Content Management System.” In their article CIO explained how not only does Signashare allow an organization to create and store documents, but it also provides software for e-signatures and form filling, all available from whichever phone, ipad, laptop or computer you have available. CIO Magazine says, “SignaShare enhances the ability to manage all aspects of content management.”

Not only are the days of messy and unwanted papers gone, but thanks to SignaShare your days of dealing with frustrating and subpar document management systems are gone as well.

  • AuthorAlyssa Teasley
  • Date22 July 2017
  • CategoriesECM, Blog